Surrey Poultry Vet is an ambulatory service. Home visits are recommended to see birds in their natural environment so that the birds are not stressed and underlying causes can be best identified. Most illnesses are secondary to something underlying so a visit can be very beneficial to prevent further problems.


However if you are not local, do not have a local poultry vet or are self-isolating, I am  now offering:  Online (via Zoom) and telephone consultations.

Bring your hen to the camera and show me round our coop.

If required, medications arranged with your local vets for collection. I can also help your vet perform investigations or treatments if they require it.

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Service charges

2021 to current

Flat professional services rate for:

Consultations (including in person /tele/video), diagnostic investigations, prescriptions, administering treatments, liaising with vets, test reporting.



Home visits

2021 to current (return mileage calculated from home, near Guildford)

0-5 miles £5

5-10 miles £10

10-20 miles £20

20-30 miles £40

>30 miles added from above



Contact me to book
Poultry consultation request form
Please fill in this form if you would like a consultation for your bird(s). Please contact your local vet first to see if they are able to help you, as animals are best assessed in-person and I may not be local.
This service is NOT suitable for emergencies. Birds presenting as an emergency should attend their registered vet as soon as possible. This is an ambulatory service so cannot offer surgery or diagnostic imaging at this time, nor emergency equipment e.g. oxygen.
You and your vet will receive a report via email after the event, including medical or surgical directions if required so by submitting this form you are consenting to me contacting your vet.

Fees for professional services are in line with local small animal vet consultation charges. 

Straight-forward online consultations are likely to require 15-30 minutes including consultation and a follow up advisory report. Visits, challenging cases, or those with significant follow-up and other work required, are likely to take 30 min - 1 hour. Herd health visits likely 1-2 hours.

I aim to make contact within 24 hours.

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Thank you. If urgent please contact your vet.

Addresses are legally required for prescribing in food producing animals i.e. poultry.

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