As featured in the Red Mite Webinar.


Exzolt is the most efficacious and the only licenced treatment for red mites. 


Approximate cost to treat 10 hens is £23.50*

  • Kills red mites and other poultry mites including northern fowl mites.

  • Simple administration in drinking water

  • Rapid mite kill (within 2 hours)

  • Zero day egg withdrawal, so you can continue to eat the eggs.

  • No environmental treatment required

  • Dosing regime - 2 doses, 7-days apart.

  • Two treatments required to kill two mite life cyles, seriously disrupting mite population.

  • Dose early spring and late summer. Severe infestations may require an additional dosing in early summer.

  • Solution for use in drinking water for chickens so easily administered.

  • Prescription medication so it is a legal requirement that birds must have been seen by a vet in the past 6 months in order for Exzolt to be prescribed. You will therefore need to fill in a consultation request form to request it.

  • To read the full product datasheet please click here*

*For repeat treatments or where a prescription has been provided from another vet, a small dispensing fee (£8.33) will be charged to cover the cost of dispensing.

​*This product can be posted (£5).

Now indicated for Northern Fowl mites too.

How to order?

1. If you are a new client, submit a client consultation request form then proceed to step 2.

Registered customers skip to step 2.

2. Download and fill in the Exzolt calculator with your bird numbers and weights to automatically calculate the product price.

3. Send your calculation to surreypoultryvet@gmail.com